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Company Profile

Energy On S.r.l. was established in 2011 and is a combination of experiences in the field of planning , manufacturer and installation of scaffolding, hoists, industrial elevators, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms, and material hoist for both temporary and permanent installations in the construction industry.

The technological evolution and the request of specific know-how from the industrial market have prompted the company to undertake a professional growth in the industrial automation sector.
The collaboration with trustworthy technicians and industry experts leads the company to acquire professional skills needed to operate successfully in the automation and industrial sectors .

Integrated software and application engineering are used to develop the most suitable system solutions based on your individual specifications, while in-house calculation programs allow us to provide fast, accurate support.
We develop suitable product applications based on our experience helping to identify and meet customer expectations and requirements.

Our products are manufactured in modern and efficient production plants.
Always looking for new markets, the company has been open up to new projects and new horizons commercial and productive, without losing the character of “family business” that identifies the deepest spirit.

Today Energy On S.r.l. operates in the following areas:

Design and manufacturer of special plants, mechanical revisions and operations to optimize the various production departments.
Leading suppliers for the most important Italian companies operating in the air maintenance sector, well known for the rigour in the selection of its suppliers.
Continuous technological innovation, quality, price competitiveness combined with our flexibility in supporting this important customer, this has enabled the achievement of important goals.

The Energy On S.r.l. this both in the Italian and foreign markets for the rental of equipment and machinery for the construction and industrial sectors.

The company looks towards the future with the study and execution of new patents covering both innovative machines in the air maintenance sector with new projects of tail scaffolding and painting systems is the energy sector with a recovery system of electricity from vent fireplaces metropolitan.


Energy on srl operates both in Italy and abroad.
It designs and manufactures a wide range of elevating work platforms on columns, hoists for construction, industry and maintenance equipment for civil aircraft and military aircraft.


We also offer customized solutions for our customers.
• Elevating platforms for building and industry
• Platforms for nose, tail and floor planes
• Portable ladders even tailored

Products made of certified, high-quality and on-demand “tailor made” materials will meet your needs for every kind of platforms for civil, military and military aircraft access.

Rental and Sale

Thanks to our large fleet of vehicles and immediate availability, we are able to provide fast solutions for any need.

Technical Assistance

Our specialized technicians will be available to our customers 24 h: +39 334 3277019.